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We are campers and outdoor enthusiasts, and we want to share our passion with you! We pride ourselves on selling unique products that deliver an experience unlike anywhere else. From the moment you receive your package in the mail, you’re just steps away from your next adventure.

We are really fond of nature and we like to spend as much time as possible in the wild. In fact, one of these days, we have decided to leave our office for a few days and go camping. Last time when we went camping, we had the impression that all things were easy, but eventually most of them turned out to be complicated. That was the reason why this time we wanted everything to be organized in a better way. We realized that we needed more equipment so that all of us would feel comfortable while going outdoors together.

Our fredericton office space has been our prison for the last 5 years. staying there has become a routine, another day at the office. The only way to break this routine is to spend nights in the nature and spend as much time as possible in an ozark trailer. We need space. Together with Judith, going camping becomes a necessity. Not just sleeping under the stars, but also cooking in a small campfire outdoors. Hiking barefoot on an old logging road over 1 night. Watching the moon rising while playing cards at night.

About Us

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Founded in 2020, Campndoor is a collaborative camping platform that connects campers and allows them to plan their camping activities. Our goal is to offer the best camping experience ever by providing a simple and enjoyable way to plan your next adventure. Campndoor is revolutionizing the way people camp.

Being an outdoor lover can be quite a challenge at times. You wish you could spend more time out there breathing fresh air and spending times with friends, but that is easier said than done if you work in an office environment. That’s because going outdoors takes time. You need to plan your trip, get packed, drive there, get set up and the list goes on. But one of the big challenges we face is finding good places to go camp or hike around our cities

Camping and outdoor adventures are always a good idea. Whether your idea of fun is hiking on a mountain, or canoeing on a lake, you’ll love camping. It’s fun, relatively cheap, and the big outdoors brings out the best in nature








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